How to proactively confront layoff anxiety

Layoff anxiety’ is real today. A constant concern about losing one’s livelihood can not only be discouraging but also lead to mental health issues, reflected by anxiety, stress and depression. Here are six ways to proactively confront your layoff anxiety and keep the fears from getting the better of you. > More

6 critical life lessons failure can teach you

Everyone fails in life, at some point or another. Did you know that failing to succeed could actually be beneficial for your personal and professional growth? Experiencing failure is difficult but is often a necessary part of developing your career and can help you motivate yourself and strengthen your resolve. > More

Tips for staying relevant in the constantly evolving market

“Am I relevant today?” This may be a question we need to ask the person in the mirror almost every day. The change and uncertainty that began worldwide with the Covid-19 pandemic continue unabated with the advent of AI and Chat GPT. Have you kept up-to-date with the current trends in the marketplace? > More

Win with a blue ocean strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy, a very popular book by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, spells out the strategy to make your candidacy unique and valuable. In a blue ocean, you create an altogether new way of looking at things and a new value offering that’s different from the rest, making your competition irrelevant. > More

Grow your career: 10 valuable lessons from a farmer

Building a good career requires the ability to get along with people, a nurturing environment, and more. One way to look at your career trajectory is like farmers who tend to their land and crop. Here are ten valuable lessons you can learn from a farmer to build your career. > More

Tips to overcome impostor syndrome

If you find yourself often getting frustrated that you are not good enough and concerned that others may discover this, it may be nothing but your impostor syndrome working overtime. If you find yourself struggling with negative self-thoughts, here are some small steps to combat impostor syndrome and think positively. > More

The power of celebrating small wins

There is nothing called an overnight success. Look at any successful professional or business and you will learn that big achievements do not happen overnight. Each one of them have taken small, consistent steps each day to reach their destination. This is why it is important to celebrate every small win.
Ready to experience the magic of small acts and big impact? Here are some effective ways to get started. > More