Our Story


A Higher Purpose. A Deeper Calling

Some wake up to an alarm clock. Some wake up to a higher calling. At PMC, we constantly ask, ‘how we can make a greater impact with what we do?’. And that starts by reimagining everything that an organization and community can be.

Every endeavour thrives on a clear vision and a compelling manifesto. At the core of Peer Mentors Canada (PMC) is the fervent desire to spark the success of our peers, to drive the significant impact we envision for them, and to collectively foster a transformative movement.

As an organization, we constantly evaluate, challenge and stretch ourselves to reach this higher purpose. A purpose that inspires everyone to pay it forward and instills the giving back spirit in the coming generations. Perfectly encapsulated in Ignite. Impact. Transform.

The Story Behind Our Logo

Our logo perfectly encapsulates the peer partnership approach that we value – higher, farther, stronger, together. The image of one peer leading the other reflects our courageous vision and our higher calling. The fluid upward arc speaks to the intimate journey that both will share on the way to the top.

Bright Teal is incorporated to add vibrancy while the soft cream shade complements it to give
a more approachable feel. The two overlapping colours represent the transparency and collaboration of our peer partnerships.