Strengthening collaboration with an integrated network of mentors


Brilliant Minds Group is an acclaimed not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering new Canadians through collaborations, connections, and community building. The organization is proud to work with people representing the entire spectrum of the professional cycle, from beginners to mid-level to senior management.

Brilliant Minds Group is focused on giving its members equal opportunity to hone their leadership skills, expand their network, and grow as individuals, supported by someone outside of their immediate team. Their leadership wished to initiate a culture of mentoring, that would transform mindsets and empower people for the long run beyond immediate career success.



The collaboration with PMC was initiated to break down barriers and strengthen connections and collaboration. The mentoring partnership helped Brilliant Minds Group become ultra-agile, optimize resources and even adapt to virtual programs during the pandemic.

During this time the organization could build authentic collaborations even as people were locked inside their homes. PMC helped Brilliant Minds Group take advantage of the new virtual landscape, connect colleagues from all corners of the country and bring everyone on board an exciting mentoring journey.

Mentoring across cultures provided a safe space to enhance competencies and foster cross-cultural collaboration. Brilliant Minds Group took full advantage of the rich blend of passions, perspectives, and personalities that everyone brings to the workplace.



Brilliant Minds Group created dedicated events and learning opportunities by setting up a network of mentors from different backgrounds and perspectives. This helped create a safe place for open exchange, where first-time mentees can easily ask for help and take advantage of all that PMC has to offer. The value of this collaboration continues to create endless possibilities.

Brilliant Minds Group has realized that post the pandemic, mentoring is more important than ever. With hybrid models in place, human-centric relationships are put back at the forefront. The organization has become more agile and paves the way forward, enabling strong, authentic collaborations around the country.


“The enriching partnership with PMC has helped many of our people to grow into strong leaders in their industry. They are more confident, willing to step out of their comfort zone and take risks. Most of all, they collaborate with people across the world, discuss passionate topics and are actively engaged in developing the leaders of tomorrow”.

– Dinesh Sharma, President, BMG