How mentoring can foster an inclusive workplace


Leading Canadian job platform, Canada Job Expo (CJE) found through research that there was a tremendous need for mentoring among its people. As a next step, a dedicated internal team conducted extensive, best-practice research on successful mentoring programs and leadership consulting. Initiating a mentoring program from a scratch and especially focusing on EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) initiatives could be really rewarding.

This is why, the team decided to align itself with an experienced service provider that could push the envelope and set up Canada Job Expo for success. Based on its research, the organization engaged PMC to assist in the planning and execution of a formal mentoring program.



To ensure that the mentoring program was perfectly aligned with key diversity objectives, PMC worked closely with the senior leadership at Canada Job Expo. The target mentee population comprised everyone from beginners to middle and upper-middle managers. This group was identified because of specific challenges in regards to employment, retention and development.

Some of the key goals identified included enhancing talent readiness, promoting thought leadership, developing cross-functional readiness, supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and, more importantly contributing to attracting and retaining a diverse leadership.

In fact, the organization learned that supporting EDI initiatives can help foster and strengthen  workplaces. Canada Job Expo was able to break down silos by promoting cross-functional engagement. The foundation of the mentoring program was built on a holistic vision of equity, diversity and inclusion which played out across different locations.



In an association spanning 10+ years, 100s of mentoring partnerships were successfully launched. Mentor/Mentee partners were selected from different business segments to encourage cross-segment dialogue and build a progressive mentoring culture. Research has revealed that cross-segment learning and collaboration have been one of the main benefits of the program.  Even today, Canada Job Expo continues to launch new mentor/mentee partnerships every six months across the company.

Survey data indicated that Canada Job Expo had achieved all of the goals they had set and more. Mentees said they had become more confident after participating in PMC initiatives. Furthermore, they would proactively recommend the program to other individuals and organizations.


“Mentoring with PMC has become an integral part of our talent development strategy, propelling personal growth, leadership advancement, and overall success. Their customized mentoring programs immensely contributed to the success of Canada Job Expo over the years. And we are truly grateful to the PMC leadership.”

– Sudip Mukherjee, CEO, Canada Job Expo