Hello Murali, I attended your presentation at the Job Expo a little over a week ago. You boasted about how your ‘techniques’ work, and how you receive e-mails every week to ‘supposedly’ thank you. Let me tell you; those things work! I was unemployed for 6 months. My phone started to ring less; my confidence was going down the drain. In your speech you put an emphasis on confidence, matching your skills to the job requirements, and finally telling the employer why they should hire you. I went home and put those things together. I decided to give my all for the next interview. Guess what? I had an interview last Friday. I walked into the office with so much confidence (fake it till you make it J). The hiring manager started telling me about the qualifications they were looking for. I looked straight into his eyes, with a smile, and said, “ You have found the one you have been looking for.” That was it. They laughed and nodded; they told me that was a good answer. The rest was a piece of cake; I had already set the tone for the interview. I did not have much experience in that field, but I have transferrable skills. They basically hired me right on the spot. Before the end of the day, I received a call and was offered the position (even before they could check my references). What I have shared with you is confidential, but I owe it to you. I have to thank you, really, from my heart. I was not sure I could be so confident. Please, continue to help people.

Project Detail

We help company set up business strategy including design brand identiy or product design service. So company can focus on their core business. A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these super super sweet.

ClientHome & Co.
SkillsIllustration, Logo Design