6 ways to showcase your leadership skills in the workplace

At the workplace, no whatever what your level of responsibility is, leadership skills are valuable.

You can demonstrate your leadership skills from any position, even without a formal title. For instance, a positive attitude is a great leadership trait. When you radiate enthusiasm and positivity no matter the job, people do notice. And, when things go wrong as they often do – whether it is dealing with disagreements, difficult people or office politics, it is the individual who stays above the fray who is appreciated and respected.

The people who lend a helping hand, add value and support others are truly indispensable. These are the people who are usually the first to say, “How can I help”? This increases trust and raises your level of influence. Irrespective of your position, here are a few ways to showcase your leadership skills in the workplace.

1. Be authentic

Sure, experience and skills matter but what tips the scale in your favour is your drive and passion. You will be able to create authentic connections when you embrace who you are are act with confidence. You may not be perfect now, but your authenticity will definitely inspire others to trust you.

2. Appreciate the good in others

The ability to see the good in others is a valuable trait in the workplace. When you spot potential in a colleague, you could guide them by offering them a challenging task. It not only builds their self-esteem but improves their skill set and the overall skill set of the team. When you appreciate others for their work, it can go a long way in building trust.

3. Solve problems

When you deal with your peers, you get a chance to listen to them, identify their needs, solve their problems and gain trust. When you step up with ideas on how to resolve challenges and resourceful suggestions on how they can accomplish their goals,  your worth goes up instantly. Guide your teammates to advance and help them harness their skills. Everyone including your peers and seniors will value your ability to think through problems and find fresh solutions.

4. Volunteer more

Start volunteering and participating in a way that contributes to the achieving overall goals and objectives. Volunteer to lead a project or take on a small team — anything that will demonstrate the leadership qualities you have that will benefit the organization. Your positive results will help to build trust with your colleagues.

5. Be a positive influence

Your optimism can dim or light up the workplace. Always aim to set an example of positivity, and say ‘yes’ more often to difficult projects. This is a valuable and rare leadership quality. Notice and appreciate the everyday effort by everyone, however small it may be. And do this at every opportunity, in private and in public.

 This certainly helps you establish your authentic presence. Be the person who can be counted on, by ensuring that your peers have the right resources they need to excel.

6. Collaborate effectively

Mastering communication skills is key to successful collaboration. Start by crafting clear messages and invest efforts in forging positive relationships. Effective collaboration means working together to increase transparency and trust. This is at the core of all great teams in the workforce. By engaging with your team and maintaining positive relationships, you create an environment of genuine respect.

In summing up, by investing in people, trusting them and volunteering to go above and beyond to find solutions, you automatically demonstrate true leadership traits.

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